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InfoSecurity Russia2015 : the overall success of organizers, participants, partners and visitors

InfoSecurity Russia2015 : the overall success of organizers, participants, partners and visitors

InfoSecurity Russia2015  the overall success of organizers, participants, partners and visitors

InfoSecurity Russia / ItSec 2015 highlights - more than three hundred products and solutions were presented at the exhibition, there were 163 events in the conference halls and exhibitors stands; and 146 leading Russian and international speakers spoke in four parallel conference streams.

From 23rd until 25th September InfoSecurity Russia / ItSec by Groteck 2015 once again confirmed its status as the most credible and large-scale event in the field of Information security in Russia. 

InfoSecurity Russia continues to play a pivotal role in supporting networking between real decision makers and information security vendors and suppliers.  It is one of the only events that covers the whole spectrum of the industry: manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, customers, end-users and regulators.  Here you can find everything that is Information Security: Information on the latest global trends, innovative products, professionals who have been there and done that and access to see and try hands-on some of the best tools on the market.

Tomasz Pietrzyk, Fire Eye:

"In Russia we officially offered all of our product portfolio. The most important thing for us and for our customers here are the network solutions which protect against attacks coming from web connections, email connections and also end-point. We work with all the verticals.

 I see customers are looking to cover some other vectors of attacks which were maybe not as important as in previous years, especially mobile devices and protection for mobile devices. It is important because the number of attacks against mobile devices is increasing very quickly. Proper protection of mobile devices is another big task for all companies.

 I really like the exhibition. I like the atmosphere, the opportunity to meet with all my colleagues in Russia and discuss some projects, this is a great place to be and thank you for the opportunity to speak to all of these people". 

The conference includes a robust business section which is focused on the key challenges and opportunities in the market.  It gives the opportunity for end-users, security professionals and buyers to understand in more detail major issues they face including: "how to protect against evolving threats and targeted attacks"; "protection of critical infrastructure", "security challenges in the financial markets"; "securing virtual environments"; "hybrid information war"; "economic security and cyber economics"; and "application firewalls and other advance technologies".

Among our speakers we had a distinguished list of international speakers who shared thought leadership and experience, these included: Chris Gould (Ernst & Young), Ian Evans (AirWatch), Maciej Dzebek (Bitdefender), Ronen Shpirer (Fortinet), Laszlo Dzhobbadzhi (BalaBit IT Security), Tomas Pietrzy (FireEye), and Johan Baliyon (Orange Business Services).  

Maciej Dziobek, Bitdefender:

"In Russia and the CIS countries we target MID-size and small companies as well as those who utilize modern infrastructure where we can implement our security solution for VMvare, Citrix and other virtual environments. We also target organizations who manage customers, as manage service providers, including multiple locations with remote control of network and security policies.

 Our targeted group of clients are that type of customers who are very serious about the security of their networks. They look at the technology which is behind the products and are less driven by brand. 

 InfoSecurity is a very interesting event for us. We find customers, distributors and resellers are very open and very interested in new technologies. They are always looking for the something different and we think this was a great introduction for us to the Russian market."

The event has a comfortable atmosphere that facilitates proactive discussions between suppliers, customers and security experts.  Throughout the three days there were negotiations, open discussion and training events running through the day in the main exposition area, demonstration areas, at special events and in the restaurants and recreational areas.

8 industrial conferences, 11 sections, 3 workshops, 2 round tables, 28 commercial presentations, 155 presentations, seminars and time-slots program.  For each of the three days the exposition and conference rooms were filled by visitors from beginning to end. According to preliminary estimates the total number of visitors exceeded last year, exact figures will be available shortly.

Andrey Miroshkin, Groteck CEO:

"InfoSecurity Russia is the most significant event in the Russian security calendar and is the only place that brings together a combination of both exhibition and conference formats.  This is a meeting place for all participants in the market and our speakers really take is seriously, taking time and effort to prepare and present messages about emerging trends which are relevant to the Russian market.  Everything at the conference is designed to support business growth.  For vendors it is the opportunity to present new ideas, topics and products and to enter into new markets.  For customers an opportunity to understand what the market has to offer and to make wise spending decisions.

 The event attracts corporate customers, government representatives and key regulators in the Russian security market. They all have a genuine interest in the event and its topic and recognize that the speakers that we invite are those who are shaping the security market.  Everyone leaves with new ideas and we are very proud that InfoSecurity Russia continues to develop for the benefit of all those who attend.  On one hand it focuses on the business aspects of security, on the other it is an open format for discussion and to help customers making purchasing decisions".

We would like to sincerely thank all our participants, partners, visitors and invite you to join us for next years show. 

Right now you can find the early-bird price and book your participation with the most favorable conditions

On behalf od InfoSecurity Russia Team:
Kseniya Chernobay


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